Tooth discoloration is complex and can be caused by a combination of factors. It becomes visually noticeable when the outer layer of the tooth (the enamel) becomes stained. Coffee, food dyes, wine, soda or smoking can all contribute to discoloration, or yellowing, of the enamel.

A number of conditions in childhood can also cause discoloration of permanent teeth. For example, trauma to a baby tooth, an infection around a baby tooth, and high fevers or prolonged chronic illnesses during childhood can cause discolorations. Fluoride can also cause some white or brown discolorations of teeth when a child receives a high dose over a period of time.

Treatments Using Microabrasion

At times, teeth stains are not amenable to bleaching alone. The preferred tooth discoloration treatment at Oshkosh Smiles is microabrasion. It can be performed to remove superficial stains and discoloration. The success of microabrasion depends on a number of factors, especially the type and extent of discoloration. Our dental doctors will go over your unique situation to determine if you are a candidate for this procedure.

Microabrasion, also known as enamel microabrasion, is a safe and affordable dental treatment of discolored teeth. Our dentists perform the procedure by gently rubbing an abrasive onto the surface of the tooth until the outer layers of the enamel containing the stains are removed.

Many of our patients appreciate this conservative treatment option to address for tooth stain removal before they choose a more complex procedure such as bonding or porcelain veneers. Based on our experiences, the opinions of other expert dentists, this procedure provides immediate and permanent aesthetic results, with insignificant and unrecognizable loss of enamel.

We encourage patients to visit our Smile Gallery to see before and after photos from patients who are now enjoying their professionally whitened teeth.

Tooth Discoloration Treatment