Seattle Study Club for Dentists: More than Educational Benefits

Seattle Study Club

Did you know Dr. Hanneman and Dr. Dustrude have been members of the Seattle Study Club since the organization’s founding in 2007?

The Seattle Study Club is an international network of dentists that are committed to enhancing their clinical skills through regular continuing education and forums with their peers. Dr. Hanneman states, “The network is a true ‘University without walls’, providing so much more than just continuing education for dentists. Belonging to this group cultivates knowledge, understanding, and collaboration that significantly impacts the quality of dentistry provided by its doctors.”

Dr. Karen Dustrude states, “I would advise dentists to join the Seattle Study Club early in their careers. It’s an investment Mike and I value. In one meeting, we can be collaborating with a specialist to come up with solutions for challenging cases. I enjoy mentoring and reverse-mentoring relationships. We all come to the gatherings with an open mindset to learn.”

There are around 250 Seattle Study Clubs Chapters throughout the world, including a very active Winnebago Chapter. For more information, visit